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[Xen-users] Any idea why vif-bridge isn't called?

Hi, gang.

I'm still struggling with this crud.  I still can't get any net
interfaces to start in DomU and as far as I can tell (by tracing
scripts), vif-bridge is never called.  The debug output shows:

[2007-02-27 16:36:28 xend 3820] DEBUG (DevController:117) DevController:
writing {'bridge': 'xenbr0', 'domain': 'ubuntu', 'handle': '0', 'uuid':
'8efdecce-70e0-f23b-7186-4d366c9012fb', 'script':
'/etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge', 'ip': 'www.xxx.yyy.zzz', 'state': '1',
'frontend': '/local/domain/3/device/vif/0', 'mac': '00:16:3e:00:00:11',
'online': '1', 'frontend-id': '3', 'type': 'ioemu'}
to /local/domain/0/backend/vif/3/0.

(www.xxx.yyy.zzz is hiding a real IP).  I can see tap0 being created and
such, but the thing hangs waiting for the hotplug to come back and since
vif-bridge is never called, it fails.

C'mon, this has got to be fairly easy for someone to tell me what's
going (or not going) on.  Everyone else seems to get this to work.
What's the deal?
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