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[Xen-users] Win Xp 64 bit install

I am trying to install windows xp 64 bit (trial version) using virt-install on a fc6 system. The installation seems to stall when the message in the vnc console says "Setup is starting windows".

The xm dmesg shows:

(XEN) (GUEST: 13) Booting from CD-Rom...
(XEN) (GUEST: 13) unsupported PCI BIOS function 0x0E
(XEN) (GUEST: 13) int13_harddisk: function 15, unmapped device for ELDL=81
(XEN) (GUEST: 13) *** int 15h function AX=E980, BX=00F2 not yet supported!
(XEN) (GUEST: 13) *** int 15h function AX=EC00, BX=0002 not yet supported!
(XEN) Trying to set reserved bit in EFER: 4d01

The last message "Trying to set ... " actually comes up just before it stalls.

What might be causing this ?

I have also tried to install an older Win Xp home sp1, which actually goes past the above messages (without "trying to set ...") but ends up in the famous black screen upon first reboot.

It'll be great to know what might be causing the above problems.


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