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[Xen-users] Re: Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?

Petersson, Mats <Mats.Petersson@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sunday 01 April 2007, Johannes Formann wrote:
> > to test a few setups I thought running Xen inside QEMU might be
> > possible.
> > But when I tried it, Xen fails to boot, when using "noreboot" 
> > I did not
> > find any error-message:
> > <http://picpaste.de/Q_Screenshot_1.png>
> > 
> > Is it impossble, oder did I something wrong? (The "normal" Kernel boot
> > fine)
> I don't know if it's "impossible", but I wonder WHY you would want to
> run Xen inside QEMU? [Not saying you shouldn't be able to, I just don't
> quite see the point]. 

I have tried that, since I need for a university-Projekt a least 2
Xen-Server (and a few other) to test if it is possible to use reliable
server pooling with Xen.
Since I haven't 3 or more X86 PCs at home I thought an emulation might
be fine.

> It's also worth noting that Xen uses a few things that are slightly
> different from the "regular" OS's (Linux, Windows, etc), and using
> instructions in ever so slightly different ways can cause you to hit
> things in emulators that aren't emulated correctly [in Xen's HVM we hit
> this from time to time when someone tries to run a different OS - until
> very recently OS/2 didn't work, for example]. 
> This is corner cases of unusual instructions and modes that don't get
> run very often in "normal code", which means that it's more likely that
> you'd hit "bugs" in these areas. 

Ok, I'll try different emulations later.

Do you have an idea why xen simply reboots/stops without any



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