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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Re: Re: Exploiting XEN

On 4 Apr 2007, linux4michelle@xxxxxxxxxx said:
> Am 2007-03-27 08:47:00, schrieb Kraska, Joe A (US SSA):
>> I don't follow why you can't run X windows in domU, I know we do
>> that.  Be that as it may, no, I can't see a safe resolution here.
> I had asked last year and someone told me that it is not possibel
> since Xen/domU do not know WHO should handel the Graphic-Card...

Whether or not you have a graphics card isn't really related to
whether or not you can run an X server. The X server's job is to
provide a display for X clients -- that display does not have to be
realized in hardware. You could run Xvfb; There are even X
clients that will re-export the display via VNC or RDP.

> I NEED to start 4 xservers in the four domU paralel to test
> interaction of Software and I want to run those xservers with wdm on
> :0, :1, :2 and  3.

If you are starting an X server in each domU, then they are each a
display :0.

> And since I need MORE then one Devel-Workstation of this kind, I can
> not use VMware since it is TOO expensive.  And VWMare goes crazy
> with Kernels like 2.4.33 and 2.6.21...

I don't want to dissuade you from using Xen, but VMWare server is

> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
> Michelle Konzack
> Systemadministrator
> Tamay Dogan Network
> Debian GNU/Linux Consultant


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