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[Xen-users] How to enable Xentrace in xen-unstable?

I am using xen-unstable and interested to trace the hypervisor. In previous 
versions, I was able to trace it by:
 setsize 20 
 tbctl 1 
 xentrace /tmp/xentrace.dat

And these functions don't exist in xen-unstable. xentrace --help shows that in 
more recent versions the buffers' size could be determined as a parameter for 
xentrace. But I can not find any replacement for tblctl.
# xentrace /tmp/xentrace1.dat
I receive:
Couldn't enable trace buffers: Function not implemented

And the trace file (/tmp/xentrace1.dat) is empty.

What should I do to trace the hypervisor?

Thanks in advance,

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