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Re: [Xen-users] Sharing character devices over network

> >
> >Nico, 
> >I can't understand how can SSH help me in the situation?
> >
> >Please, clarify your idea for me.
> >  
> My apologies, I misunderstood your use. I thought you were simply trying 
> to reach a serial port on the remote machine. If so, why can't you SSH 
> to the remote machine and use Kermit or a similar tool to access it from 
> the remote machine? Or do you really need that serial port accessible 
> directly over your local network, for some reason?

I have nothing against SSH using to access remote host with
real character device but I want to have the character device
on that side, that looks like real.

In ideal, I'd like to have /dev/ttyXXX character device file, 
which maps to character device of another host, accessible via
network.  Like GNBD for character, not for block devices.

May be I could map pseudoterminal device like /dev/pts/* to external
character device?

WBR, i.m.chubin

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