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RE: [Xen-users] Storage for DomU


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> Subject: [Xen-users] Storage for DomU
> Hi all, 
> I manage to create a VM (slackware image) and hide the PCI 
> device (qlogic HBA) from Dom0 to DomainU. 
> Now the Dom0 cant see this HBA and the 'xm list -l' shows 
> this pci device under the DomainU. 
> But how can I do some scsi inquiry or check if this PCI 
> device is visible to the DomainU from the DomainU's console. 
> Any help? 

"lspci" should show this device and not much else in your DomU (as
DomU's can't see devices that haven't been given to them, it will only
show [I think] a few "fake" devices that Xen uses for it's drivers). 

The other idea is of course to load the correct driver for the device
(e.g. modprobe drivername). I don't know what the name of the driver is,
but it should work. 

> Thanks and regards 
> Ashit 

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