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Re: [Xen-users] CPU activity: top and xm top

> > I wanted to inspect interrupts activity using sar, 
> > but without success. Unfortunately sar doesn't report interrupts
> > activity under Xen :(
> > (May be I can use /proc/interrupts and get information from this
> > file? Will it be correct?)
> It should be correct as to what Dom0 is doing, it won't show interrupts
> that go to Xen but are "hidden" from Dom0 (but I doubt that is many). 

Will interrupts processed by hypervisor itself 
(without help of the Linux kernel) 
be visible in this file?

> > 
> > So my machine is idle but I have 20% of CPU activity for domain 0.
> > The question is: How can I get exactly know for what is this 
> > 20% spending?
> > What tools (or interfaces e.g. /proc files) can I use for this?
> Xenoprofile is probably your best bet. 

Thank you for the idea.

WBR, i.m.chubin

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