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[Xen-users] RE: XEN windows xp guest as multimedia frontend for linux?

hi mats:  thank you very much for this very informative post.

I know that virtualization is primarily a server business today.  the
secondary market, desktop users, is only slowly beginning to register on the
radar screen.  I hope xen will be there.

at the moment, due to its primary user base, parallelseems to have made the
first start in offering features that desktop users need more than server

[1] booting the same windows hard drive partition either natively or in the
VM, so that one does not need to install the same apps and data twice.

[2] getting app-windows being integrated into the unix environment (yes, run
windows office under linux!) as if it was seamless.

Let me suggest some other "killer" features.

[3] I would love to be able to plug in an external USB hard drive, click on
an icon, and have it auto-run a VM that I have set up.  this should work in
whatever system I am using: linux, windows, bsd, sun, etc.  the VM should
get all the disk space on this external drive, which should however also be
visible to the host OS.  This should not be too difficult to accomplish.

[4] I think direct USB attachment to a VM via special tricks (which I know
understand to be tough) would be a huge thing.  I would have suggested to
just give a single VM all the USB infrastructure, but then I realized that
mouse and keyboard need to remain in the base OS.   yikes.   this would be a
worthy venture for a top engineer with USB and VM background for a year.

thanks again, mats.  and best of luck to xen.



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