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Re: [Xen-users] pygrub documentation

> Is there any available documentation for pygrub that is higher-level than
> the pygrub sources themselves?  specifically, I am wondering if pygrub
> copies the kernel to the Dom0 or if it just kexec's it within the DomU.

I'm not sure if there's any documentation, although you may find some 
description in mailing list discussions when the patches were released / 
reviewed, etc.

It uses a FS access library to read data from the domU's disk (specifically 
the grub-style config file and then the images it specifies), then boots 
these from dom0 using the standard domain builder.

Older versions of pygrub ran from xm on the local console; new ones are 
plumbed so their output goes through the same socket as the domain's console 
output, so it's more seamless to users.

I don't think domU kexec is currently supported by the main codebase, but I am 
of the opinion it that would have a number of advantages for bootloading 
(including reducing the amount of dom0 code that must touch potentially 
malicious domU data).  kboot (kboot.sf.net) would be a worthwhile thing to 
try running in this context...


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