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[Xen-users] Best Distro for my dream Xen setup

My requirements:

A distro that's relatively modern (e.g. supports kvm and xen, but I 
guess as long as kvm runs on any of the guests I should be OK too). I 
plan to run Linux, Windows2k (xfer my old desktop), WindowsXP, and 
probably Solaris 10. I also need to xfer my other old Linux system 
Redhat 7.0 (2.2.16-22), so that I could eventually migrate all data and 
services off it.

I was hoping for a dual monitor setup so that I could run Windows on 
one, Linux on another (or any other choice of 2 Operating Systems at the 
same time).

I currently have a recently purchased Dell e521 AMD x2 (it has some 
known problems with Linux with it's NVIDIA built in video and it's 
Broadcom network card, hence I need Xen 3.0.4), and  which I plan to 
equip with a RAID card, mirror 2 large drives, and add another video 
card, monitor, if I can get Xen to work to some degree on it.

Pointers on how to xfer Windows 2000 old PC to a kvm/qemu/xen are also 

Any other advice appreciated too.

I need something that works, I already invested at least 20hrs into this 
setup. I am not afraid of a challenge, but I was hoping that after so 
many years of Linux things would finally start to magically work out of 
the box :)

So far I've tried debian 4.0, with limited success (c my previous post). 
I am also familiar with RedHat based systems and Solaris (somewhat, as I 
didn't really work with 10 much, but plenty with 7-9).

Are these requirements realistic, or should I stick to my 2 old Pent III 
Dell desktops :)


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