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[Xen-users] xen version for 2.6.20

Hallo xen-users!

When does a newer sources-version appear?
Version 3.0.4 released at 3 months ago (08.01.2007) and support
very old Kernel (linux- 04.2006) only.
New SATA driver is only contained >= 2.6.19.
Can i hope to linux-2.6.20 at March 2008?

Is planned the admission into the linux-kernel,
so that the kernel-patch is void?

my release notes
- 3.0.4_1 (to 070302.xen-3.0.4)
  - any Dir/File-names contain "_", another "-". very confused...
  - the topdir is  xen-$VERxen-src now, was xen-$VERxen.
    Does it have a reason?

regards Torsten

Torsten lehmann

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