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Re: [Xen-users] puting a running win98 installation under control of xen - hvm

> The "himem.sys" driver is a driver that allows real-mode applications to
> access "high memory", i.e. memory above 1MB. This requires transitions
> between protected mode and real-mode, which is a known problem-area for
> Intel processors. There is work ongoing to fix this, but at present,

Will this fix be available in short future?

> this is "difficult code" for the Intel processor, as it doesn't support
> real-mode in virtual machines. Instead, real-mode is run in vm86-mode
> (same as a "dos-box" in Windows uses - but try loading "himem.sys" in a
> dos-box, and you'll see that that doesn't work either, although the
> exact problem may appear slightly differently).
> > Is
> > it possible to
> > get win98 running under xen-hvm, if yes is it possible to
> > convert a running
> > installation to run under xen (as I described above)?
> It appears that some people are successfully running Win98(SE) on HVM.

Does anybody know which versions (may be win98SE?) under which conditions are 
running under xen?

> As to taking an existing installation, that is the same as "changing
> motherboard" on an existing windows installation, something that for
> example Win98 is notorious for not happily tolerating.

I know about that but I don't get even so far. I hope that if the himem.sys 
problem is solved, it will be possible to start in the "secured mode" (don't 
know wheather it is translated right I know just the German wording of 
win98: "abgesicherter Modus") of windows 98 and "install" the new hardware 
Thanks for the quick response so far.


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