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[Xen-users] virtual machine installation Questions


sorry that I post it here again, as I have already posted it on 

Now I am working on fedora6Xen,i.e. 2.6.20-1.2944.fc6xen .Several questions:

1. After I have installed the windowsXP, the XP OS of course needs to reboot, 
but then the WindowsXP is automatically closed. How can I restart it? And I use 
#virsh start , the domain will be running, but when I open it, just a black 
screen on the VM manager.

2. I also want to install the same Fedora6 on VM, but the installation will 
always hang. The fedora6 image on DVD must be OK as I have already installed it.

3. I must often boot the computer several times before I can see the login of 
Fedora OS. It changes often into a black screen state, dead.

4. I can not use #xm list, it says command not found.

Any help or hint will be great!!!

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