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Re: [Xen-users] ioemu

> > Somebody know what 'ioemu' means, in 'ioemu device ' context ?
> IO emulation!
> Although it's deprecated in the latest version of Xen - it's no longer
> necessary and may be removed at a later stage.

Nb. minor nit: ioemu is used in two contexts.  One is the "ioemu" option 
specified in a domain config file - this is deprecated as it's no longer 
necessary (AFAIK HVM guests are exported both emulated and PV versions of 
devices so they can use whichever they want.  They need to boot from an 
emulated one initially.).

The other is as a name for the "device models" which provide the emulation of 
PC hardware.  This emulation isn't deprecated, although the way it operates 
may change in the future.


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