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Re: [Xen-users] XP64bit in Xen 3.0.3 under OpenSUSE 10.2

> I use Xen 3.0.3 in OpenSUSE 10.2 on PC with Intel  VT enabled. I have
> installed XP 32-but successfully, but I have problem with XP 64
> installation. When I start a new XP 64 VM and virtual window opens, XP
> 64-bit says: "Enable the local advanced programmable interrupt controller
> (APIC). The x64-based operating system you are loading does not have APIC
> enabled. Check the systems firmware settings and make sure that the
> firmware has enabled the APIC on this system."
> Does Xen 3.0.3 supports XP 64 bit?

The 64-bit XP support under HVM lagged the 32-bit XP support somewhat, and I'm 
not sure if it was known to work under 3.0.3.  Even 32-bit HVM support 
matured quite a lot betveen 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 although I guess SuSE may have 
backported some of that development...

Linux 64-bit HVM guests probably have more chance of working, but I realise 
this doesn't solve your immediate problem.  I'm certainly not sure I'd rely 
on 64-bit HVM guests (particularly Windows) to be stable on 3.0.3.

> I use graphical Xen VM manager in Opensuse 10.2 to create and start VMs. I
> have found a file /etc/xen/xmexample.hvm and parameter in it #apic=0.
> Should I edit i t as apic=1? 

Each domain has its only configuration; xmexample.hvm is just a template.  
Changing settings in there won't make a difference, it would have to be done 
in the config file for the guest in question.

Configuration files are used by Xen to specify a virtual machine on your 
system.  Your virtual machine manager will be generating its own config files 
to tell Xen about VMs it wants to create.  If you create a configuration file 
yourself, you'll be defining a new virtual machine - make sure that it 
doesn't interfere with any that you've defined using the VM manager.  And be 
careful if you edit files created by the SuSE VM manager itself - you don't 
want to confuse it!  Does your virtual machine manager software provide any 
means to change the configuration files it has generated?

To be honest, I'm not sure if the change you propose would make a 
difference...  You could try it.  Maybe (Windows) x64 requires APIC, I can't 
actually remember.  But you'd want to change it in the specific domain's 
config file, not in xmexample.hvm which is just a template for a domain 
configuration file and is *not* a global config file.

> Should I rename xmexample.hvm to my_virtual_machine_name.hvm and where to
> copy this file? Should I do it before creating VM or after?

To create a new VM I usually use xmexample.hvm to remind me what the important 
configuration parameters for HVM setup are.  I copy it to 
my_virtual_machine_name.hvm and change the settings to the ones I want.  Then 
I am able to xm create the domain.  I usually keep Xen config files 
in /etc/xen.

If you already have an existing VM you'd need to change it's config file (if 
the graphical manager doesn't mind you doing this) or use the interface of 
the VM manager to modify the configuration.

> Unfortunately, I'm new in Xen.
> Thank you very much for any help!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

I hope I've helped you along a bit, feel free to ask more questions on this 
list - people are usually very helpful here.  There's also documentation in 
the user manual and on the wiki at http://wiki.xensource.com - if you 
discover anything particularly useful you might want to record it there.


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