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RE: [Xen-users] xvda vs lvm


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> Hi,
> Mark Williamson wrote:
> >> Hi, I'm just wondering if there are any speed or stability 
> differences
> >> between running a system directly of a LVM partition versus a xvd
> >> partition?
> >>
> >> I'm a little confused about what you're asking, so I'll 
> explain a few things 
> >> and hopefully it'll help some.  Please ask again if I'm 
> not answering the 
> >> questions you wanted.
> >>     
> I was mainly wondering about the speed issues involved in the two 
> approaches. Since I didn't hear anything the first few days, I also 
> asked on #xen where I was told that there isn't any 
> performance overhead 
> and that overloading the normal disk, say /dev/hda1, will be 
> phased out 
> in the future.

Yes, there shouldn't be any difference, as the same interface/code-path
is being used for both operations, it's just the actual name of the
device inside the guest that is different... 


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