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RE: [Xen-users] Backup solution

> Hi all,
> We are planning to use XEN VPS in production environment. Before it we
> need to design a realiable backup policy for obvious reasons. I view two
> approaches:
> a) Use a "snapshot" system for backup ALL VM file (image).
> b) Use a traditional backup system (rsync, tar, cpio) for backup
> SELECTED data into VM.
> I prefer A option but I've read in this list it is not possible unless
> you stop de VM during a few time (the time required for backup operation
> itself).
> ¿What backup solution do you use in your _production_ environment? The
> most important point is any downtime in VM is not viable.

I'm using Bacula (www.bacula.org) currently. I have installed the client (fd) 
inside each domain (Windows HVM and Linux PV), and just back up to some storage 
provided by the hosting company. This storage is in turn backed up by them.

I'll be trying a test restore shortly (only just set it up), but that shouldn't 
be a big deal. For a restore of a Windows domain (call it A), you should be 
able to create a new Windows domain (call it B), mount A's disk(s) in it, and 
just restore to them.

This has a big advantage over the 'snapshot' version that it takes up far less 
space, and is a known and solved situation. The disadvantage of course is that 
the restore is more complicated (have to prepare the base system to restore 
into). So I guess you have balance that against your specific requirements - 
how often do you anticipate requiring a restore?


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