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RE: [Xen-users] Migration form Xensource to XenExpress and FC / iSCSI trouble

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 18:10:53 +0200
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> XenExpress and FC / iSCSI trouble
> Dear all,
> I don't know if my question was out of topic for the list, or 
> presented 
> in a wrong way. If yes, please let me known.

Not sure. I just didn't answer because I ditn't seem to see anything in
the question that I could actaully answer. 

> I can imagine that the latter part of the mail (HP vs Dell vs 

The type of question (regarding brands have been asked before). I think
SAN is pretty much "you get what you pay for - add a little extra if you
want big brandnames", and it's mostly a case of which vendor you
like/dislike which to go for - and of course, if you buy a set of
servers from one company, you have less of a risk of "bouncing between
vendords" if your SAN is also from the same vendor - none of if you have
a server from X: "Well, it's probably the SAN that is broken, go to Y",
and then SAN-supplyer Y saying "Well, it's not our SAN that is faulty,
go back to X" - you probably already knew this, but just in case. 

> could be not politically correct, and thus not answered at 
> all, but the 
> former one (Fibre Channel vs iSCSI and xensource to xenexpress 
> migration) may be of some interest and at least for the 
> xensource/xenexpress part it seems to me it has not been 
> answered yet in 
> the list.

Questions on XenExpress are probably best asked on the XenExpress forum:
[And I would be VERY surprised if XenExpress doesn't have tools to
support such migration - that would be like saying "Since you bought a
used Ford from a non-Ford dealership, we won't help you buying a brand
new one from our Ford Dealership here".

I'm sure the iSCSI vs. FC is a relevant one (at least to some extent),
but I can't offer any real advice. 

For future questions, I would suggest that you ask one type of question
in one mail - then perhaps people who skip your entire mail because they
think "someone else will come along and answer the whole mail" will be
more enticed about answering a particular question that they know a lot

[I answer many questions each day, but I don't answer every question
that is asked]. 


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