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[Xen-users] NTP service in DomU

Hi folks,

I've tried to mount a NTP service in DomU without success. Even when I've use the ntpdate <ntp_server> command directly, it doesn't work.

After several failed attempts I've discovered that domU is "automatically" syncronized with dom0. Because the checking has been easy: I've sync dom0 with X time and after all domU appears with X time too.

Well... STFW....

¿It is not possible to build a NTP service in domU which would be independent from dom0? According to my own tests, it seems not.

If this issue is true I think it's a big limitation for XEN.
¿what happens if you require to set up your domU with diferent NTP services (as clients)?

I'm thinking in several clients I've around the world...

Jordi Espasa Clofent

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