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[Xen-users] VLAN configuration

Hi to the ML.

I'm new to VLAN configuration, and combining it to XEN is a bit difficult.

I want to use VLAN because it's possible to "arping" from a domU to an other, and VLAN looks like; the only solution to prevent that. May be I'm wrong if someone got a solution, I may be interrested. I've also tryed ebtables, but nothing to prevent arp question: who-as IP¨.

The configuration I need is:
 |   domU      |
-| -[ dom1 ]-  |-
| -[ dom2 ]-  |

I want dom1 and dom2 to use eth0 and eth1, with vlan interface.

I've tryed http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2007-03/msg00988.html configuration, but I have the following error:

WARNING: Could not open /proc/net/vlan/config. Maybe you need to load the 8021q module, or maybe you are not using PROCFS??
Set name-type for VLAN subsystem. Should be visible in /proc/net/vlan/config
ERROR: trying to add VLAN #2 to IF -:eth0:-  error: Invalid argument
ERROR: trying to add VLAN #3 to IF -:eth0:-  error: Invalid argument

The machine run on Debian Etch and the vlan package is intalled.

If you have some ideas, I'm stuck!!!


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