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Re: [Xen-users] Searching for a Filesystem / Storage Solution

Hi Kyrios,

I have more or less the same problem than you. I don't want to buy an expensive SAN or NAS comercial solution. The solution to our problem will be the google filesystem but it is not opensource. I found some items to at to your list:

- Lustre filesystem (CFS)
- Distributed RAID over iscsi ( I found some papers about it, in some days I will test it)

I know that find a solution to it is dificult, it's not trivial to build a system with the the following properties:

- scalable
- reliable
- easy to manage
- low cost


Kyrios wrote:
Hi list :)

I'm currently planning to setup the following environment:

4 - 16 physical nodes (starting with 4)
Each Node is a x86 Machine with 160GB Diskspace.
Each Node should run about 10 Virtual Machines.
Each Virtual Machine needs about 2GB Filesystem.
Live Migration should be used for maintenance times and to redistribute the VMs depending on the load they generate.

Live Migration needs SAN Storage. Since SAN Storage is expensive I'd like to avoid buying a dedicated solution. This is why I'm searching for a fault tolerant solution using the hardware already available.

I already read articles about:
* GlusterFS

But now I'm totally confused.

Has anyone any good article or Howto on this issue?

What I'm looking for is a virtual Filesystem over all the nodes which can handle if one node goes down.

Current ideas are something like: Create Block Devices with DRBD using 2 nodes each. Create a stripe over all available DRBDs using LVM and export the Logical Volumes to the DomUs. The problem with that is that I'm "losing" half of the storage (mirroring) - which would be okay - and worse that I would have a single point of failure (The server which is exporting the Logical Volumes).

Would Xen work with some kind of cluster Filesystem?

I'm really totaly confused.

Best Regards

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