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Re: [Xen-users] vcpu-list state question

Tim Boyer wrote:
What exactly does the 'state' column in vcpu-list mean?  I'm still trying to
track down this errant Win2K cpu, and while xm list tells me I have one cpu:

[root@defiant xen]# xm list plcdata
Name                                      ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State   Time(s)
plcdata                                   19     2064     1 -b----    768.9

vcpu-list is - I think - telling me something else:

[root@defiant xen]# xm vcpu-list plcdata
Name                              ID VCPUs   CPU State   Time(s) CPU
plcdata                           19     0     0   r--     769.8 any cpu
plcdata                           19     1     -   --p       0.0 any cpu

Hi Time,

I found -
Lists the guest systems and the states that they are in. The states are r for running, b for blocked, p for paused, s for shutdown, c for crashed and finally d for dying.

What I would like is a good install doc for Fedora 7.

Paul Van Allsburg

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