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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with network performance

Can you give more info please ?


Angel L. Mateo a Ãcrit :

        We are trying to deploy our new ldap servers infrastructure with
virtual servers running with xen. So we have installed two debian (etch)
virtual machines under different domU's (domUs are debian etch two). We
are using bridge networking in xen, with default init scripts.

        In our test environment, these servers are working fine. But we are
having problems with these new servers when we try to introduce them in
a production environment (all the rest of our servers has these ldap
servers are their users backend). The problems we observed in ldap
clients are slow connections that fails. We have test the same
configuration with ldap installed in "real" machines (without virtualize
them with xen) and it seems to work in the production environment.

        So we are thinking it could be a network problem with xen's networking.

        Any idea about how could I debug this problem?

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