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Re: [Xen-users] Hibernation

> > I am a bit scared that this might cause problems within the affected
> > OS because after restore, the system clock will show a great leap.
> IMHO, it would be really weird for an OS, apps or anything to
> seriously freak out if the clock leaped.  I mean, does your computer
> crash a daylight savings?  What about when you just set the clock by
> hand?  If that breaks your OS or apps, you've got bigger problems.

Well, if apps break they're arguably badly written.  Not that we can probably 
rule that out ;-)  But I wouldn't expect big problems with this; as Dylan 
quite rightly points out there are lots of circumstances when the clock can 
change unexpectedly.

The case of suspend / resume is a little different, in that if you suspend an 
OS to disk and then resume it later without telling it it /could/ conceivably 
confuse the OS, which might not expect time to suddenly change underneath it.  
For PV, this is fine.  For HVM...  well I assume it works somehow ;-)  I'm 
just not sure how it's currently implemented or if it could maybe be improved 
by making the guest OS more aware of the suspend process.


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