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[Xen-users] correct order to rebuild init after libc6-xen?

Hello to all, 

Its been requested that I stifle the /lib/tls warning given even with
xen-friendly libc6 because init was compiled otherwise.

I got the deb sources for sysvinit from Ubuntu, which build just fine.
The last time I tried this I ended up breaking signals to init (even
though /dev/initctl was there and 666) and could not reboot.

So for a new server, I'm going to :

Base server OS (Feisty)
Apt-get in libc6-xen
Apt-get in gcc/python-dev/friends
Compile xen mercurial sources
Compile new sysvinit 'init' and replace existing copy
make new initrd for dom-0
Edit grub, reboot

Reboot is where I always screw up. Something in the above order isn't
working because I keep breaking init to reboot, it stops listening to

Is there some more proper way to go about this that I'm not aware of?
I'm sure someone else on this list caught enough questions about that
pesky warning to do something to make it go away for good.

I don't have access to this machine and every re-boot costs $$$.

Thanks in advance, 

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