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[Xen-users] Best xen setup?

Hate to ask possibly subjective questions but hope to reduce my trial and error cycles.

Been running xen 3.0.3 on debian etch on a 32 bit p4 for about 9 months and it's been working fine. Really was a test run but have a few domus in production.

I have a new pe1950 with 2 quad core processors and 8gb ram.
For a first try loaded 64 bit xen from debian etch.
For the immediate future most domus will be paravirtualized debian 32 bit.
Needless to say hope to not reinstall dom0 for a long time after getting on line. It it best to run 32 bit clients under 64 bit dom0 with 64 bit kernel on the domu?
Should I try to upgrade to xen 3.1?
Anybody try this package source?
Should I upgrade the xen-tools 2..8-2 to a newer one?
Would I be better off running something other than Debian for dom0?
Anything else??


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