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[Xen-users] IBM SDD with Xen


I know that IBM SDD for linux are all for kernel version 2.6.9 or lower - for RHEL4 or less, SLES9 or less

I installed IBMsdd rpm, but failed to command sdd start. I use XenExpress version (xen-3.0.4 version) with

2.6.16 kernel.


My questions are


1. Is there anyone who use IBM SDD module with the dom0s 2.6.16 kernel on Xen-3.0.4 ????

  if then, how can you use it??

Is there anyone who use IBM SDD module with any Xen version??


2. IBM SDD module is for configuring on multipath storage environment. Does Xen have such a function itselt??


Thank you~


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