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Re: [Xen-users] /var/lib/xen/save fills my partition

Mikael Kermorgant wrote:
> Hello,
> The directory /var/lib/xen/save has begun to store some files
> corresponding to our domains.
> It takes a big proportion of my partition and has already caused some
> problems.
> Is it safe to delete its content ?

Should be, yes.

Try this in /etc/default/xendomains (on Debian):

## Type: string
## Default: /var/lib/xen/save
# Directory to save running domains to when the system (dom0) is
# shut down. Will also be used to restore domains from if
# is set (see below). Leave empty to disable domain saving on shutdown
# (e.g. because you rather shut domains down).
# If domain saving does succeed, SHUTDOWN will not be executed.


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