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[Xen-users] 2008 Server (beta) networking under Xen


New to this list so I hope this is the right place to post this..?

I have installed 2008 Server June CTP under Xen and whilst it recognises the 
rtl8139 ethernet adapter, it will only offer limited connectivity. I read 
somewhere that you needed to update to the newest drivers within Windows, I did 
so by making the driver files into an .iso and mounted that as the VM's cd 
drive. The setup ran okay but no change.

Does anyone have any idea or experience with this? I believe I also read 
somewhere that it is possible to make the VM believe it has a ne2000 rather 
than a rtl8139 nic?

This is running on Fedora 7 x86_64, set up using the Virtual Machine Manager if 
that makes a difference.

Please, no MS bashing - there most definitely is a time and place for it, but 
my job (.NET programmer) depends on me keeping up with the latest OSs etc.. I 
am a Linux man at heart (and at home).

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