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Re: [Xen-users] ping in hvm domain not working correctly

If you encounter this problem only by using more than one VCPUs,
you might try to pin the HVM domU to cores located at one particular
CPU.  (e.g. cpu='2,3')
This is just a guess, but it might solve time shift problems.



Martin Goldstone schrieb:
> I'm guessing your using more than 1 VCPU in your HVM domains?  I
> encountered the same problem.  I'm not entirely sure what causes the
> problem (it may have something to do with timing figures from different
> VCPUs), but I'm not experiencing any problems caused by this, just the
> inconvenience of an odd time.  The ICMP packets are still being
> delivered properly.  Sadly, I've not been able to find a solution, aside
> from using only 1 VCPU.
> Of course if you are using only 1 VCPU, then this may not be the cause
> of your problem.  You could try pinning the VCPU to one physical CPU.
> I'm not sure it'll have an effect, but it's worth a try.
> Mart
> Artur Linhart - Linux communication wrote:
>> Hello,
>>             I have found a strange behavior if pinging from the HVM domain
>> (windows). I reproduced this behavior on different physical machines once in
>> DomU Windows 2003 Server Enterprise x64 R2 and once in Windows 2000 advanced
>> server (both with latest patches). 
>> On both machines the ping response times seem to be generated randomly if
>> running the OS instance as DomU (also negative response times are generated
>> or received within the ICMP) - this could mean the ICMP packets are not
>> delivered correctly by xen to DomU?

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