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Re: [Xen-users] Re: XEN 3.1: critical bug: vif init failure after creating 15-17 VMs (XENBUS: Timeout connecting to device: device/vif)

Hi Keir,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Keir Fraser wrote:
Hi Thomas,

This problem is entirely different. The problem is visible earlier in your
console output: the Xen block-device driver is unable to acquire the
device-number space for SCSI devices (sda, sdb, etc). Hence it is failing to
initialise the vbd connections to the backend and is ending up in state 6
(which is XenbusStateClosed).

I don't understand. Which Xen block-device driver is unable to? The frontend or the backend? This never happened on Xen 2, al least I never encountered it.

The solutions you have are:
 1. Do not build the generic SCSI subsystem into your dom0 kernels. It is
this subsystem which (quite reasonably) is allocating the sd* number space
to the exclusion of the Xen block-device driver.

This is not possible, as the physical machine has SCSI-disks and a SATA disk (which also uses the SCSI subsystem).

 2. Call your devices hd* instead of sd* (i.e., hijack the IDE device
numbers instead of the SCSI ones), or even use the xvd* number space, which
is exclusively reserved for Xen VBDs.

I tried hd*, which works. I'm used to making sd* devices as there used to be some Xen version (forgot which one) that was more stable when using sd* devices in domUs.

 Hope this helps,


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