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Re: [Xen-users] Re: searching for cheap HVM (Intel/Amd) hardware

Both my development machine and my test box are Dell Dimensions (of different 
generations) from Dell's online direct outlet.  I believe they're refurbished 
models.  The newer one I bought has an AMD-V processor, the older one is 

I've been pleased with Dell hardware, although the OEM copy of Windows you get 
is a bit of a pain to use!


On Tuesday 24 July 2007, Thomas King wrote:
> I am running XEN on SLES 10 sp1 with
> ASUS M2NPV-VM    MotherBoard  ($105)
> http://ca.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=101&l3=296&l4=0&model=1138&modelme
>nu=2 Bios 0901
> AMD X2 3600+ processor  ($65)
> SATA2 160GB HDD , IDE CD-Rom
> The only issue had was that when booting to XEN I sometimes loose the
> mouse.
> Setting option = SWcursor in the device section of xorg.conf fixed it.
> I bought this board as I saw several posts in the list stating they had no
> issues.
> I have only run SLES & SLED and Dos under Xen so far.
> Thomas
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> > Subject: [Xen-users] searching for cheap HVM (Intel/Amd) hardware
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> >
> > hi,
> >
> > for my home "testcenter" i'm searching for a mainboard and CPU to get
> > xen HVM running. So i still don't need a blade or something else ;-)
> > What can i buy, without rob a bank?
> >
> > But please, no via/apollo/sis Chipset :-)
> >
> > cu denny

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