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Re: [Xen-users] Re: XEN 3.1: critical bug: vif init failure after creating 15-17 VMs (XENBUS: Timeout connecting to device: device/vif)

Hi Keir,

Keir Fraser wrote:
Other domUs with similar configs and the same kernel run fine. It was
only until I started the 7th domU the problems begun.

I have to be skeptical about that. If you run the same kernel and basically
same configuration, this problem should occur deterministically for all such
domains. So something must be different in domUs 1 thru 6!
No. I copied the config file in /etc/xen from a working config every time I created a new domU. Change names, ips, and go. Block devices for the different domUs are LVM-backed ext3 file systems which I created by unpacking a tar. Every time the same tar.

But... Some spooky shit going on here.. I did

xm shutdown wikitest
xm create wikitest -c

(wikitest is another domain, one of the 6 mentioned earlier)

It didn't come up. It behaved the same as the other domain (the 'vechtstreek_test' domain I originally reported about). It boots fine with the newer kernel without SCSI-support. It started fine a couple of days ago using the kernel with SCSI-support built in. I'm 100% certain about that.

 -- Keir

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