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Re: [Xen-users] Verification of CPU

Quoting Age_M <Age_M@xxxxxx>:

Hello Jon,

as this is an AM2-Socket CPU (check link below) it _should_ support the
AMD-V / Pacifica / SVM feature. But beware to choose the right
motherboard too! I for example bought a "low-cost" Gigabyte motherboard
and there the SVM feature was disabled and hidden in the BIOS. Another
guy reported the same problem with a different motherboard, also a
Gigabyte! So without modifying the bios file we haven't been able to
use the SVM feature. Just keep that in mind and check if your desired
motherboard supports this feature too!


Uff, thanks Age, I have always liked Gigabyte and probably would have gone that way if not for your reply.


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