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Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.1 and 32bit guests in 64bit dom0

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There are no specific tools I know of besides dd.  Just remember to
change things like fstab and your ethernet configurations accordingly,
as the devices and MACs your using now may be different in a VM (the MAC
address will definitely be different for example).

Sadly I haven't got any specific docs I can point you at about building
a HVM domain from scratch.  A quick search for p2v and xen on Google has
a few guides for converting a physical machine to a PV one, but not for
HVM. I've not attempted it myself either (I've been using HVM for
Windows machines mainly, and I've been doing the install from scratch as
I know how picky Windows can be about hardware), but I expect it'd be
pretty straight forward.  When I do finally try it myself, I'll
endeavour to document the experience if anything strange occurs.

Lorin wrote:

> All clear!
> If i want to build an image out of a physical machine is there a
> specific tool besides dd or such ?
> Any docs on building a HVM image from scratch or an already existing
> (and running ) physical server ?
> Thanks!!

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