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[Xen-users] Problems Installing W2K3


I am trying to setup an hvm domU to install W2K3 on it. I have troubles with disks. I am using a file back-end, I have build my disk image with dd if=/dev/zero of=myimg.img bs=1k seek=10240k count=1.

In my config I had first set up my drives with something like :
disk : ['file://path/to/file,ioemu:hda,w','file:/path/to/iso,hdc:cdrom,r']
Windows Installer has come and told me he wasn't able to find any disk (after a long, long, long time...)
so i tried using the tap:aio file-backed method, without any more success...
What was better was setting my disks as scsi disks with file: backend (ioemu:sda), installer went well (and fast) and allowed me to install my system on the disk... but I was a little disapointed when seeing I could not boot from and scsi disk with the bootloader. Anyone has an idea on why it fails ? Just for info, I have a Dell 1950 as hardware with raid5.

Julien Garet

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