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Re: [Xen-users] Install 64 bit Dom 0

> > Is it possible to install XEN in 64 bit mode on the existing 32bit OS?
> >
> > Ian
> That will not work, I'm afraid...

Well, actually, with Xen 3.1 I believe it's possible to run a 32-bit domain 0 
on top of 64-bit Xen and support both 32-bit and 64-bit guests.  This is a 
newer, less tested feature but I've heard reports that it works.

So if you can build a 32-bit PAE domain 0 kernel from the 3.1 sources, and a 
64-bit Xen 3.1 then you should be able to run the system on your existing OS 
install.  You could use an older kernel, but unless it's from 3.1 it won't 
support all the features the 3.1 platform provides.

I suspect 32-bit PV guests will perform as well if not better than 64-bit PV 
guests on a 64-bit Xen, so that shouldn't worry you too much.  It may even be 


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