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Re: [Xen-users] xen in in the stock linux kernel...

The 2.6.23 development tree (which has just passed -rc1) includes support for
Xen.  If you select a Xen capable host architecture (Pentium Pro and above)
then there'll be an option to support Xen under the paravirtualisation
support section.

The resulting kernel build will be capable of booting native or on Xen.
However you'll need to use the vmlinux / vmlinuz on Xen, whereas native
booting will still need the bzImage.  There's work underway to allow Xen to
boot bzImages directly, so you'll only need to keep one image around.


Can we get more info about this? I assume this means that you can compile a stock linux kernel for use as a domU... how about a dom0? And since the kernel compile is separate from the current xen packaged compile which builds the hypervisor, I guess this will imply a fairly formal/strict API?

or should I just go download it and try it out? I'll try to find time for that.


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