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Re: [Xen-users] xen in in the stock linux kernel...

> >> Can we get more info about this? I assume this means that you can
> >> compile a stock linux kernel for use as a domU...
> >
> > Yep.  The code is different from that shipped in the sparse tree, and
> > therefore not quite as widely used / tested, but it's been through a fair
> > amount of review now so hopefully it'll work reasonably well.
> >
> > Suspend / resume, live migration and ballooning are not currently
> > supported. Nor is the virtual framebuffer (and maybe some other stuff I
> > forget).
> hmm, the migration capabilites are something that I like to have but
> rarely use. Graphics, hvm, etc I can do without.

I expect you know this, but just to clarify HVM is independent of the Linux 
domU kernel.  If dom0 and Xen support it then it'll work.

> We're "just" a linux 
> hosting service. Anyhow, the ability to have a CURRENT linux kernel with
> up to date security patches, etc will be a plus. pity about migration
> though :( I expect you folks will get to that in time :)

Glad it's a good step for you.

The suspend / resume / migration needs cleaning up, plus I think it conflicts 
with other features (pre-emption?) at the moment.

> > Eventually I expect that the main XenLinux repository will move to be
> > closer to mainline Linux, as feature from the former are merged upstream,
> > or refactored into patches against upstream.
> >
> > I hope this makes some sense!
> lots of sense and it's a big step in a good direction.

Hopefully it'll minimise the diff between a fully featured Xenified kernel, 
and the mainline, even if there are still patches required for full 
functionality.  In the long run this ought to make life easier for everyone 

> Thanks for the info! and thanks for your work on/with XEN!

Enjoy.  Would be nice to have some success reports (or bug reports if 
appropriate) once you've tried out the new kernels.


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