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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Etch DomU on SUSE SLES 10.SP1 Dom0


Bassgey schrieb:

> Hi, I've tried to install a SLES10 SP1 guest on a xen-debian etch host, but
> without results.
> I've tried to do the reverse thing but the best result is that the kernel
> hangs on the guest.

someone mailed me, that he was able to install SLES on a Debian Host
with a workaround. He bootet the whole system from a life SLES CD-Rom
and told yast to install the system into a folder.

After that he configured the fstab. let create the Xen config (suse.cfg)
 and use the debian kernel.

What is very important, to copy the modules into the system and after
the first start, notice the MAC inside and put it into the suse.cfg file.

i will to try install SLES with yum, but time is rare.

cu denny

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