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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Etch DomU on SUSE SLES 10.SP1 Dom0

Bassgey wrote:
> Henning Sprang wrote:
>> In general, you can run Suse, Fedora and Ubuntu as guests on Debian
>> quite fine with Debian kernels
> Hi, I've tried to install a SLES10 SP1 guest on a xen-debian etch host, but
> without results.

What do you mean with "without results"? What did you try exactly, and
what happened?

Sure, you need a base image, which you have to either bootstrap with
yum(a bit complicated) or build with

> I've tried to do the reverse thing but the best result is that the kernel
> hangs on the guest.

> There is some documentation to install a SLES guest on a debian host ?
> (I have a NON-HVM CPU  for the test).

I have documented OpenSUSE 10.2 (not working with commercial stuff
normally) in german language in my book on Xen, I might try to write the
most important steps down in english somewhere.

Out of my head it's not more than:

- build a minimal image with yast "install into directory" on a suse host
- create your vm config on debian by hand or with xen-tools (use
no-install option to get an empty image and surpass the installation of
an OS)
- copy the stuff from the install into directory into the vm

And there you should be...


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