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Re: [Xen-users] Performance monitoring for Xen

Mark Williamson wrote:
>> I m in a process to monitorperformance of Xen. If you know any or few
>> answers to the following query kindly let me know that :-
>> 1. Can i specify multiple CPU to Xen server.
> Xen supports a multiprocessor host machine, and guests can have multiple 
> virtual processors too.  The guest processors will be scheduled across the 
> available physical processors.
>> 2.Can i use multiple instances of the same operating system on different
>> clients. Say i have installed Window-XP on my Xen server can i make use
>> of
>> same Windows at two different location.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this?  You can connect remotely to the WinXP 
> guest using VNC, and there's no reason you couldn't connect from multiple 
> locations but there'd still only be one virtual display so they'd have to 
> share (just like if you VNCed to a real machine).
> Or you could just install multiple independent copies of Windows.
>> 3. How many operating system can be installed on a Xen server.
> The only limit to how many installed guests you can have is how much disk 
> space you have available.
> The limit for how many guests can be running at a given time is usually 
> memory: guests have a "hard" allocation of memory and don't get swapped by 
> Xen, so you can only start another guest if there's enough free memory to 
> hold it.  Obviously depending on the work you want the guests to do you'll 
> also need to make sure there's enough CPU time to go around...
> I know of people having started over 100 very small guests on a large
> machine, 
> although I don't imagine any of them were doing anything useful!  This may 
> have been on x86_64.  I don't know if the limits are likely to be
> different 
> for 32-bit and 64-bit Xen.
>> 4. Suggest the best way to monitor the performance of my Xen Server.
>> Right
>> now what i have done is written perl Scripts for Windows and Linux. For
>> windows i m using perfmon and for Linux Sans.
> There are various user interfaces.  If you can use a recent Fedora, RHEL5
> or 
> CentOS 5 for the dom0 then you could use virt-manager.  Or you could try
> to 
> install virt-manager on your distro of choice.  Other projects are Argo
> and 
> Xenmon, but I'm not sure what state they're in.  You could also check out 
> Enomalism, which gives you a pretty web GUI.
> Finally, the XenSource commercial products (and Xen-based commercial
> products 
> from other vendors) provide their own ways of monitoring performance.
> Oh, and there's the xm top command, which is like "top" for virtual 
> machines :-)
> Cheers,
> Mark
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Hi Mark Thanks

Still i have few queries left ..

1. Can i specify the number of CPU to the clients also. For e.g two CPU to
WindowXP and one to Fedora in Xen Server.

2. What parameter i should look for while i m doing performance monitoring .
For instance i m looking into CPU utilization and response time.

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