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Re: [Xen-users] Show DomU login dialog instead of Dom0's

> is it possible to login into a DomU (Windows) without beeing logged in
> in the Dom0 on the same PC where Xen runs? So I want to have something
> like the Windows login screen on e. g. tty2 so I do not need to login
> twice (first in Dom0 and the second one in the DomU).

You'd want to auto-start the Windows domU at boot time.  You can do that by 
enabling the xendomains init script, and symlinking the config file for the 
Windows domU into /etc/xen/auto, I believe.  I'm not sure what is done for 
Xend managed domains, though.

Then you'd want to alter the init scripts of dom0 to start a fullscreen X 
server running a VNC viewer (or direct framebuffer viewer) attached to the 

e.g. you could put something in /etc/rc.local like:


X :1 &
vncviewer -display :1 -fullscreen localhost:<vncdisplay>

So that you'll start up a second X server and get a VNC viewer running on it 
attached to the domain.  You might need to mess around with the options a bit 
because I made them up ;-)

Once you've done that you'll be able to switch between the ordinary TTYs, 
dom0's login screen (usually on X display :0, ctrl+alt+f7) and the domU's 
login screen via VNC.

How does that sound?

Once you've got that working you can always try more complicated setups.  e.g. 
run a compositing manager like compiz and arrange to have a login screen for 
each domU be on a different side of the cube.  You could even have a login 
screen for dom0 be on one side of the cube if you set it up right :-)


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