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Re: [Xen-users] 4 dual-core cpu system

> >From what i read on the wiki this should be supported but wanted to
> > confirm.
> 4 x Dual Core Xeon 7110M (totalling 8 64bit core)
> with 8GB of RAM.
> can some one please confirm that xen will support this hardware setup?

It should run on there, sure.  Although you'll want to check whether the CPUs 
support VT (pretty much all recent Xeons will, I think).

You'll either want to do a 32-bit PAE install or a 64-bit install in order to 
access all that memory.  I believe potentially the best performance for PV 
*may* be had by using 64-bit Xen and running 32-bit PAE guests (including 
dom0).  This is because there are some difficult-to-avoid performance issues 
with 64-bit PV.  For HVM, things are a bit different.

Hope that helps somewhat!

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