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Re: [Xen-users] Xen future on workstation - dual head

Mark Williamson wrote:
I've seen info on the hacked fglrx driver...  but it would be quite a
step back in Xen versions and linux kernel versions.

Ubuntu Feisty includes a restricted modules package that works with the Xen dom0 kernel though. I don't know for sure that this includes a working fglrx kernel module, though - but it'd be cool if it worked out of the box, wouldn't it?

Actually, I suspect you can just go ahead an install fglrx if you don't need GL: the userspace portion of the driver is sufficient to do 2D, you just won't get 3D acceleration. I *think*.
I didn't know that the restricted driver was Xen (dom0) compatible. I'll have to try that. Really what I am after is the proprietary driver for so I can Rotate 90 degrees... and so I can do dual head. 2D acceleration would be nice, but not necessary.

Others on this list, must do dual head on dom0, how?  Two cards and let
X stitch them together?

That'd probably work too, but I guess it'd be a bit gross for you to have to do that.
It's just the old typical Xinerama setup. But it would be cruel to force me to have 2 video cards when one dual output should do the job. Finding a good, old, cheap PCI card is hard. Well at odds: good vs old and good vs cheap.


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