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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Setup WinXP with HVM and qemu image

A very late follow-up on this old thread of mine (about a qemu-created WinXP 
setup that won't boot in Xen HVM) for those who might get stuck in a similar 

Because I couldn't get it to work properly in Xen, I returned to qemu and 
continued to work with Qemu. After a few issues there, I finally discovered 
that my WinXP installation (and my qemu configuration) both were setup using 
acpi. I disabled acpi in WinXP and qemu, and my problems went away.

I didn't have time yet to try the same thing in xen, but I'm pretty sure this 
acpi thing was causing the original failure.

To all that offered advice and suggestions: thanks and sorry for the wrong 
starting information.



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