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[Xen-users] Loosing network connectivity in DomU's and crash in hypervisor


sorry I had to resend the message, mailman scrubbed my mail because of the 
Mime signing.

i currently have big trouble with an Xen Setup using Scientific Linux 5 (a 
clone of  RHEL 5)  with kernel kernel-xen-2.6.18-8.1.8.el5.x86_64 and 
xen-3.0.3 .

We have  an DELL PE6800 server (4 Dual Core CPU's and 16 GByte Memory) and 
several FibreChannel Storages connected. The dom0 is mainly doing nothing. 
The domU's are doing the hard work serving NFS and SMB (samba).

The last two weeks it run well, before we had some crashes, and today its 
again starting crashing (maybe its dependent on the network load).

Most time the domU's run well but loose any network connectivity. A "xm list" 
command then shows just "Device 0 not connected"
brctl show  shows all the bridge interfaces, but no domU responds to the net.
In the xend.log I see a one of the DomU's crashed.

Sometimes we have a crash of the dom0 and the hypervisor. There is an screen 
dump of the console appended. It looks like something in networking code.

Any Ideas what I can do?

Klaus Steinberger

Klaus Steinberger         Beschleunigerlaboratorium
Phone: (+49 89)289 14287  Am Coulombwall 6, D-85748 Garching, Germany
FAX:   (+49 89)289 14280  EMail: Klaus.Steinberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL: http://www.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~Klaus.Steinberger/

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