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Re: [Xen-users] Domain 0 reboot when network flow is heavy

Tom Mornini wrote:
Hello Xin.

In our case, the disk I/O load was always in the DomU (via a passthrough block device from Dom0), and was always associated with high network traffic, as our SAN is ethernet attached (AoE, not iSCSI).

We can crash the system through DomU disk I/O and associated network traffic alone. Accessing /proc/slabinfo greatly exacerbated the problem.

P.S. You're missing 'cat' in the script your showed:

while [ 1 ] do
cat /proc/slabinfo >> ./slabinfo.txt


Did you find a solution?

I have the same problem when transfering large files too, I am testing with selinux off and it seems so far not to crash.
My dom0 and domU are all CentOs 5 which runs Xen 3.03 from the distro.

Also, I use aoe and I changed the defaulf network interface used by the aoe instantiator from

aoe-stat      e9.0        10.737GB xenbr0,eth1,eth0 up
aoe-stat      e9.0        10.737GB   eth1 up

So far it seems to have fixed the crashes.

What have you done to fix the issue ?


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