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[Xen-users] Debian Etch Xen Cluster (DRBD, GNBD, OCFS2, iSCSI, Heartbeat?)

I am planning to run 4 virtual guests on 2 Dell 2900 Servers. Both Dell 2900 are configured with:

2x Quad Core Xeon
3x 500 GB SATA Raid 5
2x Broadcom Gigabit
2x Intel Pro 1000

I want to build an active/active Cluster running these 4 guests:

A: Windows 2003 Server (Active Directory, MSSQL)
B: Debian Etch Mailserver (Postfix...)
C: Endian Firewall
D: Debian Etch Webserver (Lamp)

Node1 should run A and D while node2 should run B and C. If Node1 fails A and D should switch to node2 and switch back after node1 is back again. I red a lot about very complex setups with OCFS2, iSCSI or GNBD but i think all i need ist DRBD and Heartbeat, isn't it?

Is it possible to tell Xen 3.1 to use a DRBD device to store the guests filesystem on it?
Will it be possible to switch the windows server?
Will the data stay consistent in my database?
Would it be better to use a 3rd node running iSCSI as shared storage?
Any suggestions?

Many thanks for any tips and ideas.

greetings Flo

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